Daniele Colucciello

I am an Italian freelance photographer, born in Tuscany, the land of red wine.
Currently I work as photographer and DoP, being based in Paris and in London.
After my study in fashion marketing in Florence in 2010, left for Norway for different experiences.
Photography has been always my passion and thanks to the people that I knew there, my interests and enthusiasm just continued to grow to lead me to become a self-taught photographer. I really studied from a scratch on my own.
After a few years, I moved to London, where I had lots of opportunities to work with great international photographers that inspired me throughout my profession.

My work is focused mostly on sports, lifestyle, portraits and advertising.
I won the grand prix in sports photography in 2019 – this helped me to push myself further.

Always keen to work with people expecially athletes, who have a clear mindset such as strength, humility, positivity, dedication and etc. I always appriciate the way they are as it reflects also myself and my passsion towards to photography.

My photography is always born by imagination that I visualize in my head. The clear idea comes into my mind as soon as I have an input from my clients.
Photography is also, for me, a communication tool with people who are involved in the same projects. It is interesting everytime I know the people in a different place from different nationalities.
That is why I am internationally opened, I am eager to meet people, with different cultures in a different place I have never been.

Clients include Transavia/Barry’s Paris/SnowPeak/Diadora/RedBull Racing Team/Piquadro/Alexis Giannotti/Omogene/The Rugby Journal/Rhino

Daniele Colucciello - Profilfoto


Client list:

-Redbull Racing Team
-Alexis Giannotti
-Barrys’s Paris




The Rugby Journal







Italian (mother tounge)
English (fluent)
Norwegian (basic)
Spanish (basic)