Dolce Mag x Susanne Witt x Miriam Schwarz

Dolce Mag x Susanne Witt x Miriam Schwarz

Mercedes: When Grandeur Meets Speed

Opulence and splendour take centre stage at Germany’s Nordkirchen Castle with high- performance automobiles, striking timepieces and couture garments.

18th-century Nordkirchen Castle, in Nordkirchen, Germany, is often compared to France’s over- the-top Palace of Versailles due to its expansive dimensions, incredible landscaping and baroque-style layout.

Haute Couture pieces are the centrepiece of the room, with striking cuts, designs and colours.

The AMG Mercedes is the epitome of luxury. Its sleek and sporty design will get you where you need to go in style.

Claudius Holzmann
cream digital pictures
Fashion Styling:
Anna-Jill Gierhards @ 21 Agency
Miriam Schwarz @ Maison Musitowski
Hair Styling:
Susanne Witt @ Maison Musitowski
Male Models:
Kai, Finley, Jude & Malte @ dopamin
Female Model:
Laura Celine @ PMA
Creative Direction, Production & Casting:
Carsten Drochner @ dopamin
Mercedes-AMG by Mercedes Jürgens GmbH
Post Production:
cream digital pictures
Nordkirchen Castle, Germany

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