Pacquo Winter

Pacquo is the visionair amongst the make up artists. He discovered his love for art as a child, where he expressed his
ideas through drawing, an art that he still pursues today.
His passion lead him first to the fashion industry in Paris and than to Milan where he worked for one of the most influential
british fashion designers. After the tragic passing of the iconic koryphaeus, Pacquo started looking for a new career path,
where he can express his creativity in a new and different way.
Inspired by various fashion weeks he visited, the opportunity to becoming a make up artist presented itself, which Pacquo
took. As a make up artist he found a platform where he can combine his passion for art with the facinating world of colors.
With his talent and attention to detail, Pacquo has developed his signature style, that is recognizable, yet innovative and
Today Pacquo is a freelance make up artist, based in Berlin, working for several national and international magazines,
shows and fashion photographers
Pacquo will draw you into the magical world of colors like no other.

Alwina Werwai



Berlin, Hamburg, Dresden, Leipzig, Hannover




englisch, deutsch, französisch

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