Tavinho Costa

Hi there, I’m Tavinho Costa, I’m a photographer and director based in Germany. I’m also a cyclist, sci-fi lover, amateur fighter and tech freak.
My work includes fashion, advertising, celebrities, beauty and magazines, clients such as Nike, Vogue, Renault,  Elle, Avon, InStyle, Samsung, Cosmopolitan, GQ, etc.
I was born in Florianópolis, an island in the south of Brazil, where I studied graphic design and became an art director. My first contact with fashion was with the designer Jum Nakao while we worked together. I worked 4 years as a photographer assistant and have been working as a photographer/filmmaker for 10 years. I consider my qualities as adaptability, research spirit, initiative, restlessness, knowledge in several areas and flexibility. My creative focus is essentially related to the aesthetic and conceptual avant-garde. I believe that research / conceptualization is the stage that defines innovation and creativity of a project. I am restless, I like to propose changes, to talk with people and to try to help to solve their problems in the project.


Tavinho Costa







portuguese, spanish and english
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